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kids placemat that catches the mess!

Dinner time can be a messy time, especially with small kids. They either don’t have full control of their motor functions or, like my daughter, they are just small and sometimes drop their food. I have tried a number of things to make dinner time easier for my daughter, and me. Booster seats to sit her higher, pushing her closer to the table, etc.; short of squashing her into the table, nothing seems to work…food still manages to hit the floor. Thankfully we have discovered the Cibo, the mess eating kids placemat, that catches the mess before it hits the floor!

The Cibo Kids Placemat

This kids placemat is adorable! It looks like a little monster, with two big eyes, and it sticks to just about any surface. It has a big pocket in the front, that catches food that might spill from the fork or spoon during mealtime. There is a cut out on the portion that rests on the surface, for positioning your child’s plate. In addition, it is made of an easy to clean, BPA free, silicone. My daughter loves it!

The Cibo Kids Placemat

The great thing about this placemat is that it has so many other uses. Use it while prepping meals, doing art & crafts, color time, and even homework time. The possibilities really are endless…if your project will make a mess, the Cibo will catch it! This awesome placemat comes in 4 different colors; Strawberry Red, Raspberry Pink, Lime Green, and Bubblegum Blue. Why allow excess cleanup to take over your life? Take your time back, and let the Cibo do the work. There are, after all, more important things you could be doing with your time than cleaning up yet another mess; like making memories with your family!

You can grab Cibo placemats on amazon, and you can follow along on social media for updates on products, specials, and giveaways! I promise, this will be the last placemat you buy and it will become your favorite in no time!


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