With all that technology has to offer to children today it can be easy to overdo the gadgets, doohickeys and screen time. I did not grow up with social media invading her life, and youtube screaming look at me as my kids have today. When it was play time we did just that, we went out and played.  When we wanted to read a book we picked it up and read a book no tablet needed. However, as much as I hate all the overstimulating that is caused by all the technology I do love some of the educational benefits that have emerged from it.  Get Qurious is one such innovation that takes a well known story and brings it to life with props and technology. By using the Get Qurious Maker Box kids engage in hands-on creative play. The story “The Three Little Pigs” comes with interactive games, puzzles and activities. These activities facilitate exploration and discovery. The story uses physical play pieces with an interactive digital world, to ignite logic, thinking, reading, and imagination.  What's in the Box:

  • Story Cards- Kids Scan a chapter story card to hear the story of the Three Little Pigs and watch it animate on a ios device.
  • Mask Play- Put on one of the play masks and use it to interact with the story on your device.
  • Puzzle Play-  kids build their own house just like the Three Little Pigs.
  • Sticker Book- reusable stickers can be used over an over to make new stories or follow the original

There are very few interactive stories on the market like Get Qurious and I am sure they will be expanding their stories and hopefully availability to other devices soon. But for now I know that your kids will have plenty of fun with this first story that they have created. Visit GetQurious.co to see more and let us know below who you would like to give Get Qurious to!

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