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I recently got the chance to do a review on a great product that helps keep your child safe. This product is a kidswitch. It is an extension fort he light switch that will allow your child to turn on and off the lights without having to get that toy to stand on.

Once installed I could now turn on and off my bedroom light without mommy and daddy having to worry that I'm standing on something trying to reach it. It actually extends 12 inches down from the switch and I could now reach it with no problem. To turn on my light I simply push the moon handle up and to turn off my light I pull the moon handle down. How easy was that. I actually had fun doing it as well.

The kidswitch is a glow-in-the-dark attachment that screws into your existing light switch. It is installed by removing the screws already in your light switch plate and placing the kid switch over the plate making sure the holes align and screw in with the replacement screws.
The kidswitch is a wonderful product as it make potty training a little easier without having all this bumps and bruises by trying to turn on the light. It is great for in there bedroom or playroom to make it easier for them to turn on the light without getting hurt.
Kidswitch not only teaches energy saving tips, it provides your child with there independence. It comes in handy when you are trying to cook or have your hands full, your child can turn on the light by himself or herself. This is a parent must have. The kidswitch in either a moon or they have a my style pack which includes 2 blank decals and a monkey, a teddy bear, a kitten, a super cub, a puppy and a ballerina bear to add either your own personal touch or one of there 6 cute decals


Now the KidSwitch is perfect for not just bedrooms but bathrooms, playrooms, generally anywhere your little one will be and need help turning on and off the light. Now you no longer have to worry about your little one getting hurt from standing on anything they can grab to reach the light switch. KidSwitch is also great for teaching good habits as well such as turning off the lights whenever you leave the room.


You can order your very own KidSwitch via their Website
You can also connect with KidSwitch via their Facebook and Twitter pages. 

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