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Kindness Through Clothing

Kindness Shines Through A Company That Makes Ethical Clothing – Spread Kindness With This Beautiful Gift

Well, it’s finally beginning to look a little like Christmas, right?  I guess it depends on where you live.  However, it is definitely getting colder.  Why am I talking about the weather?  Well, this post is about how you warm up.  It’s also about what clothing you use to warm up.  Have you ever worn a cardigan that shines kindness?  I’ll explain as I go, but my answer now is yes.  That’s only because Common Assembly sent me a gorgeous cardigan called the Shadow Ribbed Cardi in blue/grey.  It looks like something that someone took painstaking time on and it’s oh so soft!  Imagine receiving this as a beautiful holiday gift.

Kindness Through Clothing

Spreading Kindness With Clothing

So, what did I mean when I said this company is all about kindness and ethical clothing?  First of all, this company is woman-owned and they certainly understand what it’s like to be a woman (obviously).  Second, they know that every single one of us shares a common thread.  No matter who we are or where we are from, we want to look, feel, and do good.  This is straight from the company’s website, by the way.  They want you to be kind to yourself so that you can be kind to the world!  Spread that kindness to everyone.  Something I absolutely love about Common Assembly is that the pictures of their models have not been retouched.  They want you to see real women because real bodies are beautiful.

Kindness Through Clothing

Let me explain about the “ethical” clothing.  This means that the manufacturers that they work with must sign a special contract.  This proves that they will pay fair wages and benefits to their employees.  How great is that?  That’s not all, though.  They also have to provide healthy and safe working conditions.  They must also follow regulations as far as waste, pollutants, and toxins are concerned.  This isn’t something you come across that often, especially in today’s world.  When I read this about Common Assembly, I was hooked!

Smart And Pretty Too

Not only is this company smart, but they provide gorgeous, pretty, feminine clothing as well.  I am in love with my cardigan.  It’s so soft and comfortable to wear, even all day.  I love the color too because it goes with everything.  I can either dress it up or wear it with jeans.

Kindness Through Clothing

The holidays are coming, so don’t get caught “asleep on the job”.  Be ready by clicking on any of the links I’ve provided or simply go to their website and choose your very own “kindness” clothing! 

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