The summer is winding down, and that means the morning school runs are close to returning. As the family grows, the need for more space in the car can gets increasingly urgent. Two of Chrysler’s best-known family-friendly models are the Grand Cherokee and the Pacifica, the former an iconic and stylish SUV, the latter an award-winning minivan. Which one do you choose? Let’s see how they compare when it comes to the school run. The stats below refer to the Pacifica L FWD and the Grand Cherokee Altitude 4WD

  1. Powertrain/Economy

School runs mean a lot of regular driving, so performance and economy are key. The Pacifica is FWD, while the Grand Cherokee offers four-wheel drive. The Grand Cherokee will also carry a greater fuel payload totaling 24.6 gallons to the Pacifica which only holds 19 gallons. When it comes to using the gas economically, both models perform quite equally, averaging about 19mpg in the city and 28 on the highway.


  1. Safety features

When it comes to your kids, safety is paramount. Every good parent knows that. You’ll be glad to know, therefore that both of these excellent models come with ABS brakes, driver/passenger airbags, front side and curtain airbags as standard safety features. Ask your dealership about other features available for higher-spec models.


  1. Seating

Some parents organize car pooling for the school run, which means seating in the car is crucial. In the Pacifica, you get 7 seats, along with generous front and back legroom (41.1 inches and 39 inches respectively). The Grand Cherokee doesn’t pack as many seats at 5, but still offers good front and rear legroom (40.3 inches and 38.6 inches respectively).


  1. Capacity

What may surprise you about these two models is the difference in cargo volume. You might guess that the Pacifica has the advantage, but in fact it’s the Grand Cherokee. The Pacifica comes with 32.3 cubic feet of cargo space, whereas the Jeep packs in 36.3 cubic feet. Extra space means more room for school bags, science projects, lunches and more.


A final important thing these two vehicles have in common is Chrysler quality and durability. Whichever you choose, you know you are buying a dependable machine backed up with decades of industry experience.


Different families will have differing needs. Hopefully our guide will help get you to the right choice of model. When you know the facts, you make better choices! Visit your local dealership to learn more about these two cars, and other Chrysler models.

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