Kinivo offers innovative consumer electronics products that enhance life's best experiences in the home, at work or when you're on the move. We love our bluetooth headphones in our house. My entire family has their very own set. Kinivo has a perfect set for everyone. 


I absolutely love these new BTH260 Premium Bluetooth Sports Headphones. I have started working out and now I can turn up the music and pump on! They are sweat proof, which is good as I sweat a lot, they are built to perform during sports or just having an active lifestyle. Water resistant technology with a sleek design the fit securely. Bluetooth 4.0 wireless music and hands-free calling capabilities.


This wonderful set of headphones has an incredibly long lasting rechargeable battery. Lasting up to 25 hours and only taking 2-3 hours to charge fully. Never again will you have to worry about not having your headphones ready to go.  As you can see you can control your music and your phone directly from your headset. This way you can keep on moving and sweating without interruption. Everything you need within reach.


The case is very durable and sturdy. Your headphones fold up nice and neat. They can be stored in any size backpack, purse or briefcase. Always charged and ready to go when you are. Powerful and rich CD-quality sound that is amazingly clear and deep bass ( I love to hear the bass parts ). So, you not only get this stylish case, charging cable plus a one year limited warranty. You have the security and convenience of your music and phone easy to access. 

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