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Kisses Up and Down


When my neices and nephews were younger, I loved to read to them. There is a time that I can remember when Ashlynn was younger and I made a trip to see them. Her mom was getting her hair cut and I was sitting with her reading a book, and the ladies kept telling me to talk, it was weird but I loved reading to all of them. Amanda every time she stayed with me I would read her a book, before she went to sleep.

Now we have Liam who we can read too, this book is great and we love to kiss him all over all the time. And Liam loves being read too, he will just sit there and listen to every word you say. And this book is so cute, every time we say kisses he reaches out to you.

This book is both simple and easy and the baby can actually follow along with you, as you read it, a great book that they can interact with. As your reading you can kiss your child and there are even spots mentioned in the book to do so. Every baby and mommy will enjoy this book. Watch as you read and your child's face brightens up.

This book is about a mother and her baby and all the love they have for one another, each of the pages in this book shows a different body part being kissed . As your child grows they will learn so much from the book. As a baby they can enjoy the bright colors, as they get older they can understand more about the book, naming the different body parts and giving those awesome kisses that they do so well.