Kisses 4 Us


These are Kisses 4 Just Us!

     I am not one of those women who enjoy kissing. Never liked the ideal of wet kisses. As a result, there was always that awkward moment in the romance department. Last Valentines Day my husband gave me this came called “Kisses 4 Us”!

     When I opened the box, it was left on the dresser with the cards not opened. One evening I notices the “Kisses 4 Us” cards were unwrapped. Later that night my husband handed me a card and kisses me gently behind my ear. Of course I blushed. Several days later I closed my eyes and picked out a card. As I eased down the stairs I called my husband and handed him the card over the banister. He smiled as I leaned over the stair rail and kissed him with all my heart.

     Kisses, kisses and more kisses is now the thing. There is 30 cards in the deck with an extra 5 for making your own cards. This kissing game could be played with a group of married couples. Two rounds of “Kissing 4 Us” is the longest the game has lasted. Then all of the couples are on their separate ways. My husband and I are almost through our deck. But we will be shuffling the deck and doing them all over again.

How To Order

     Try these cards now. Don't just take my word for it. Go to

     Customers can visit this post and let us know how much you and your significant other enjoyed the “Kisses 4 Us” card game. Remember these cards make great gifts for weddings, anniversaries and more. This small package can make a great difference in someones else relationship. Two sets were given to a friend of mine who is a marriage counselor. One for herself and one for her office. She now recommends each of her married couples pluck a card to do the day before every session.

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