In my kitchen there are a few kitchen items that I have found I cannot do without.  They pretty much save me in one form or another, and I did not even realize it until I started actually thinking about it.

My first is my Keurig.  I never drank coffee.  Not that I was against it or anything, I just could not bother making a pot of it for myself.  Even making 4 cups was a chore and I just did not want to be bothered.  Lazy? Maybe, but totally true.  That is why when the Keurig came I was like YES! I can make coffee quick, not have to do anything with it really to get the pot ready to brew, just shove a K-cup in there and press a button and then throw that K-cup away.  Problem was, my kitchen is not huge and where the heck was I going to store my K-cups? I buy in bulk because it is way cheaper to buy more than less and not that they go bad anyway and sometimes I buy flavored because once in a while I might be in the mood for something different. I end up keeping them stored and then every time I want a K-cup I have to go to the room that I store them.  The Café Wall Caddy sticks right on my wall and holds 28 K-cups so now I just have to fill it up with K-cups, and I only need to grab my K-cups from storage when I need to restock.  Plus since it is on my wall it takes up zero counter space which is another plus! Since it sticks on, you can even put it on a cupboard or fridge door.

The next thing I could never do without is my slow cooker.  But now I found one that I can actually take with me if I need to.  The Hold & Go Slow Cooker holds 5 quarts which is great and I love the fact that with my slow cooker I can get supper ready in the morning and have it ready when it is time to eat rather than trying to cook when I get home and am already tired.  Plus sometimes I was so hungry that I would not want to wait for something to actually finish cooking so would end up eating junk or ordering out.  Now I don't do that since my food is ready when I get home.  Plus, this one has the added bonus of being able to take it with me so if I am going to a potluck or a  BBQ and want to bring something hot, it comes with me no problem, no transferring, and it stays warm!

Getting back to buying in bulk, I don't only buy K-cups in bulk.  After all, I am not rich by any means so when I shop I find that if I buy more it actually costs less – so what are we paying for anyway, the packaging?  So I end up buying more than I need and it ends up going bad usually.  So I am wasting money anyway. I thought I was being a smart shopper by buying in bulk, but if it is ending up in the garbage it is really not saving me money.  May as well throw my money in the garbage.  Now that I have the Foodsaver I don't have to worry about food going bad. After I open whatever and use what I need, I seal the rest up until the next time and it is just as fresh as if I had never opened it at all.  If I am buying meat for the freezer, I usually end up breaking it up and using the Foodsaver to take  however much I will need to make a meal and seal it up so when I am ready to cook, I just take out the package and use it.  Now I do not end up with any freezer burn or things that just do not taste good anymore because I had opened the package and it went stale.  Cheese is a huge problem because after I cut it, by the time I use it again it is usually moldy and I am not going to eat a whole block of cheese in a few days just so it does not get moldy! Now no more mold because I just seal it up.  Perfect name for it because that is exactly what it does, saves food!

What are some kitchen items you could never do without?


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