There are a few kitchen products I simply could not do without.  Yes, I did without them for a long time relying on my stove and oven for everything but now that I have discovered these things I can never go back.

The first thing and my favorite thing right now is the Simply Ming air fryer.  You literally put a food in it, and it comes out crispy, crunchy, delicious, moist, you name it – all while not frying it in oil but getting the same result.  Seriously it is a game changer.   I pretty much do not even bother using oil but in the rare case that I want to coat something with oil, I just spray some oil on the product with my oil sprayer and that is it.  Hardly any oil used. Less fat and more healthy than deep frying, but you will never know it wasn't.  Chicken tenders, onion rings, tater tots, you name it.  I even put London broil in there and have never had a moister steak.  Oven stuffer roasters too – crisp skin, moist meat- and less time than the oven! Seriously I don't know how I did without this product for so long and I have gotten into the habit of air frying darn near everything – you name it, I have tried it. It also cooks things quicker when I am off to a late start.  It is quicker and to me tastes better so it is a win-win!

The next thing is my Simply Ming grill and griddle pans. I am lazy and hate to go trudging out in the cold to grill or break out my big griddle so these pans for me are perfect when I want those nice grill marks or to make some pancakes or grilled cheese or whatever.  I just grab the pan, and perfection.  Quick and easy.



The last thing that I cannot do without, either in my kitchen or on my dining room table, is the Simply Ming electric spice mills.  I use salt in some things I cook and pepper in cooking pretty much everything. Since I don't cook with salt all that much, some things I have to salt myself.  Other people like to salt too, and some people either do not care for salt or they have to stay away from it, and that is the reason that I do not add it to my cooking and save it for after.  In any case, I love my electric spice mills. I always had spice mills but to be honest, I have trouble with my wrists and a lot of the time they hurt and twisting the mills really was not fun.  Yes, I could go back to my regular salt and pepper shakers but the reason that I got the spice mills in the first place was I like the sea salt and peppercorns and think it has a better taste than the ones that I just shake out.  Now that I have the electric ones, my wrists are happy and I am happy that I do not need to settle  for the old salt and  pepper shakers.

Those are a few of the things I cannot see myself doing without now that I have them! Check them out for yourself!

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