When you start a business for yourself there are a lot of uncertainties.  Obviously you want to be successful and in order to do that, you have to have customers who are satisfied and staying one step ahead of them is one way to ensure that they are.


I hear a lot about focus groups which take a small group and ask them questions and try to figure out exactly what works with things and what does not.  The only problem is that it only touches upon a small percentage and not a very broad one at that.  You can try to get different age groups and other demographics but it is hard to just find a certain number of people that will be the right match to give you the information and insight that you need. Even the surveys that you take, I know for a fact that even myself I get tired after a while of the questions and end up not completing it and as far as feedback goes, I hardly ever fill that part out where you have to write your thoughts and if I do it is minimal so how is that really helping anybody?

UserIQ is a customer success software that enables you to monitor customer health indicators and uncover customer needs and prevent user frustrations, because let's face it, the worst thing is when someone gets frustrated and once that happens they pretty much give up on whatever they are doing, and you do not want customers to give up on you.

It also helps to engage your customers so you can focus on your customers' wants by focusing on their needs.  Since we are not psychic, at least I know I am not unfortunately, I never know what a few people are thinking at any given time or what they expect, never mind trying to figure out the majority of a group.  That is where UserIQ comes in and helps you by its data-driven customer intelligence.

Check out UserIQ and see how they can help you understand your customers better and help you out by requesting a trial or scheduling a demo for yourself!

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