The military needs special equipment, vehicles, and structures to be used in warfare. To construct this level of advanced technology, advanced knowledge is required. The high tech systems that the military uses needs to be maintained, upgraded, and replaced. 

Knowing G.I Joe


G.I Joe is a fictional character who turned into a military doll. The toy depicts the perfect four military figures, each of which represents a branch of the military. The advanced system that the military uses in fighting can be divided into five categories. 

Offensive arms are used to attack and harm the enemy. Defensive weapons are needed to stave off offensive attacks. Transportation technology is important as it is used to transport the soldiers and weapons safely. Communication is needed to coordinate between armed forces and Sensors are used to detect and navigate weaponry. 

The Military manages all these five advanced systems by using high- tech which can guarantee safe, error-free technology and tough systems that can handle the pressure of military tough environments. 

These systems do not only include the ability to work in warfare situations but also have use in other military applications like for description of systems used in military vehicles,  ships, missiles, and air crafts,  for the manufacturing of explosives, in radar and its military applications,  principles of aircraft and so much more.

High-Tech Systems Used by the Military 

Military technology in the past time was not this advance as it is now. The adaptation of it was done gradually and unevenly throughout the military branches.

It is now that the military relies on high tech systems. In the past, the military had a heavy dependence on human muscle and the human body has its limitations. Technology has changed the face of the military entirely. Now the military is much more powerful than it was before.

The Military also adopts and adjusts technologies according to geographical locations and different impediments. This is called the military ecosphere. The military systems adapted in Europe were much more advanced than the rest of the world. The military has seen new tech heights and now in the 21st century, the military is a revolutionized institution with high powered systems to support its functioning. 

Some of the systems that military uses are:

Land Warrior System

This system was designed to increase the combat ability of soldiers in situations where large vehicles and long-distance weaponry is not practically possible. Soldiers are equipped with computers, radios, cameras, and GPS receivers to increase their warfare value. 

The land warrior system was built after 15 years of research and millions of investment. The system was cut down in 2007 due to its heavyweight but the upgraded version is only 9pounds and is used only by team leaders and Special Forces. Land warrior system is officially dead now but its successful components were moved to the next project, the ground soldier system. 

Helmet Mounted Radar

This system was built to give 360° coverage via sensors and can detect movement up to 25 meters. The system was fixed in helmets so that soldiers can detect the movement of the enemy. But this system has few flaws. Of course, it does not know enemies “by face”. It detects motion even if it is caused by some animals. 

Wrist Mounted Display 

Wrist mounted display is a device with several accessories and all of them have accompanying chargers too. This technology is developed with the help of HP labs and unlike traditional devices; this device will withstand abuse and still work flawlessly.

 It is affixed to the soldier's wrist and the display is used to receive or send important information via data and radio transmissions. The current version of this device has a monochrome display but they are also working on the color version. 

Tablet PCs

Tablet pc is going to be a new assistant to soldiers other than rifles. Its uses are endless for military purposes. Tablet PCs are miniature computers and software developers can build different software to provide useful assistance to soldiers.  Recently a program called communicator was introduced that can help soldiers to communicate in different languages. 

The Military uses different computer systems to build software. There is quite a handful of information on about gadgets that are used in the military. These gadgets contain performance-based highly integrated systems created especially for the military.

Another software like a ballistic calculator in which snipers simply enter the range and atmospheric details and software generate details for an accurate shot. 

Wearable Fuel Cells

The device M-25 is a wearable power source that provides constant power for at least 72 hours. It can provide a minimum of 20 watts continually with short spurts of 200 watts. This has increased the performance three times more and the power is enough to keep navigation and communication systems alive and working in harsh conditions where recharging stations are far away. 

There is no full stop to technology and the military is still advancing.  In the future, the military may be able to do wonders in high tech systems that we can't even imagine in the 21st century. The influence of technology can be either positive or negative. Technological superiority underpins our national military strategy, allowing us to field the most potent military forces by making the best use of our resources, both economic and human.



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