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Kona Coffee At Its Finest

Looking for a special gift for a coffee aficionado in your life? How about some Kona Earth Coffee? This is not your ordinary coffee, which is why it makes such a wonderful gift! Read on to learn what makes this cup of joe so special!

A Lot Of Care Goes Into These Beans!

Kona Earth, a company that is a family-owned-and-operated business, takes great care in producing quality coffee. The company's coffee is 100% Kona-grown coffee grown in Hawaii's Kona Coffee Belt. According to the company's website, many Kona coffee blends only contain 10% of Kona beans, so, in my eyes, 100% Kona coffee is a special treat! Their coffee is picked by hand to ensure the beans are ripe and of quality in order to provide delicious flavor! And, the company also employs small-batch roasting, which helps to ensure their coffee is super fresh, making for a better tasting and more enjoyable cup of coffee.

The Ultimate Test: My Cup of Kona Earth Coffee

What was my experience with Kona Earth coffee? I had the opportunity to try their Classic coffee. Just smelling the beans in the bag was wonderful—so deliciously fragrant!  And, how does it taste? It is some of the smoothest coffee I have ever tried! The flavor is delicious. And, there is no bitterness and no yucky aftertaste. My husband, who is also a coffee drinker, agreed that it is some very smooth coffee!

How to Purchase

You can purchase their coffee on their website. They have 3 different flavors: Classic, Peaberry, and Extra Fancy Kona coffee. And, when you order, for each flavor you can specify which “Roast Profile” you prefer to make your coffee suit your taste buds even more!

Kona Earth Coffee would make a great gift for Valentine's Day, Mother's and Father's Days, and the upcoming graduations!! Their products could be part of an amazing gift basket, with mugs and coffee and a big bow (you could even throw in some homemade cookies). I love giving coffee as a gift because it's something many people use daily, it's something they can enjoy, and it is less likely to add to gift clutter (those gifts people don't want, so they stuff them away in a closet to sit for years). You can buy some as a gift and get some for yourself as well! And, if you do, I hope you enjoy it as much as we have!

Connect with Kona Earth: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Yelp

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