P1030943-1Perfect for Single Brew Coffee Pod Storage. With the increasing popularity and convenience of the single-cup coffee brewing systems comes the need for an organizational accessory to store multiple coffee pods. Konceal™ offers a solution that keeps the coffee pods off the counter. Storing up to 30 coffee pods in an under-the-cabinet drawer solution, Konceal promotes better organization and less clutter than other coffee pod storage solutions that sit on the counter. If you have a limited counter space or simply like a tidy counter, the Konceal drawer is right for you. Fits neatly and conspicuously in the dead space under your cabinets. Product Dimentions: 13.5′”w x 11″d x 2.25″h.
This is a great product to help organize and save space. I had been using plastic bins in my cabinets to hold the k cups. This is a great new product. Easy to install. For those of you who like to keep your cups refrigerated you can also attach this under a shelf in your fridge. Just make sure your shelf is warm and dry before installation. For more information click here.


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