My Cat's own Kritter Kondo

My kitty has always been an indoor cat since she was two months old. I’ve tried taking her outside as many times as I could. She always seems to be afraid of being put on the ground as she has a tendency to make her way back towards the house. I have tried putting her on the ground in my backyard, but I keep one hand on her or on a leash. I don't want her to accidentally run away. But I feel it’s so restrictive and doesn’t give my cat an opportunity to feel free. Thank goodness for the Kritter Community. They came up with an ingenious idea to create a Kritter Kondo Deluxe.

Portable Kondo for Outdoor Experience

The Kritter Kondo Deluxe is basically my cat’s own little space of Earth outside. It is an outdoor pet enclosure meant for cats but small dogs can inhabit it too. At most, pets that are thirty five pounds and under can use it. We don’t want oversized animals in there that can run off with the whole contraption. The walls are made of netting and I love it. Meaning, that the wind can flow easily through it so my cat won’t suffocate and know what its like to feel a breeze rustle her fur.

Also the grass can penetrate the floor of it so my cat can smell the unique smells of the Earth. Furthermore, the sun can beam down on my cat and make her feel the warmth of sun rays on her little face. Lastly, sounds from the chirping of birds and rustle of cars. This and other noise outside, will peak my cat’s ears which will allow her to receive new a new sense of exploration. 

Collapsible and Easy Set up and Tear Down

Collapsible is so convenient. The Kritter Kondo is so easy to collapse and put away and so easy to expand and set up! There are no stakes for the ground, only a few pegs to insert in the beams to create a sturdy structure. I love that it is easy to slide in the double French doors on either side of the kondo. Also the roof has easy bars to slide on top as well and then apply a cute tarp with velcro around the poles. All of this can collapse at the end of the day and easily fold back into a flat bag with a handle. The bag has a few pockets to store my cat’s favorites toys. 

Safety First

What I love is that I can bring this anywhere as it won’t take up so much room in my car. I have the satisfaction in knowing my cat will have some space of her own to be free. However, we have to be cautious like anything dealing with another precious life is to make sure you baby sit your pet and not leave them there too long.

I only allow my pet to be in the hot sun for so long. I bring her back in the house. The Kritter Kondo is only a temporary past time not meant to lock your pet in all day. Also, since it is made of a net that can be chewed at, your pet still may be able to escape or another predator from the outside may get in at your pet if you are not watching him/her.

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