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I love to be pampered and feel like a pretty princess. The accessories I chose for myself reflect how good I feel about me. So for that, I want things that make me feel empowered, unique, and lady-like. This deems to be true, when I go out to a dinner date with my husband. Wearing a cute beautiful dress and high heels, I think what to pair it with? The cutest thing to accessorize for a special night is a fancy little hand bag. I love the handbags designed by Kura! 

First of all Kura is a company that is designed based on freedom and expression. The word literally means turtle. It reminds the founder of warm beautiful, tropical places and swimming amongst the turtles. Besides having a vision creating beautiful bags, Margo Schlossberg, the founder, also helps refugees in Uganda. I definitely am a person that is proud to support a business that aims to change the world any way they can.

My cute Kura bag is the Red and White Light. It is such a lovely bag that is so artfully crafted. I can’t believe that each tiny precious bead is hand done! How long does that take? I bet a long time. This makes my Kura bag even more appreciated. The hand-beaded red and white vintage style handbag has a gold handle. It has such a pretty jeweled closure.  The interior is a very lovely red lining with a small inside pocket.  The size is approximately 10x8x3. For me, it is large enough to hold cosmetics, phone and credit cards, but small enough to be dainty and fabulous.  

The best idea is to give this gift to bridesmaids as well as gifts for Valentines, birthdays, and anniversaries. I feel so beautiful with my Kura bag. I use it for day time and night time!

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