LA Travel Tips For Families- How To Make It The Best This Summer

Los Angeles is a great travel destination for families with its beautiful landscape, lively beaches, and dynamic nightlife. There are some incredible attractions for kids and adults when it comes to sightseeing and dining. But the pandemic has changed the outlook of an average family traveler. No one wants to visit crowded places because the risk of infection runs high. But you can still explore the idea of summer vacation with family in LA. Here are some tips to stay safe and have a good time. 

Explore smaller beaches

When you are in LA, you will expect to spend time at the best beaches. The city has 75 miles of coastline, so there are plenty of options other than just the crowded ones. Skip the popular beaches like Santa Monica and Malibu. Spend time on more secluded strips like the family-friendly Paradise Cove, rock-strewn El Matador State Beach, and Abalone Cove with its beautiful tide pools. Don’t forget to keep your masks while you are there!

Stay at a vacation home

While LA has hotels and resorts for all budgets, this may not be the best time to stay at a crowded one. Pick a vacation rental instead as it is safer with kids. You can avoid crowded lifts and lobbies and even cook for the family. It cuts down the risk of the virus and saves you a hefty sum as well. You even have the option to plan an extended vacation as schools remain closed and WFH continues.

Pick the best attractions for kids

Pandemic or no pandemic, you must pick the best attractions for kids when traveling with family. Thankfully, LA has a lot to offer. Take them for Los Angeles Whale Watching for the finest experience this summer. The best part is that you need not worry about COVID-19 precautions as they are in place here. Other attractions you must have on your checklist include the Kidspace Museum, Natural History Museum, WB Studios, LA Train Station, and more.

Pack your hiking boots

LA is much beyond the popular attractions it offers. You can explore over 2,000 miles of public trails here, so carrying your hiking boots is a good idea. If you have grown-up kids, it is the best way to find hidden gems such as splendid ocean views, pretty waterfalls, and wildflower spotting. Vasquez Rocks is a destination you must not miss out on. It has the most impressive rock formations, and you get the opportunity to spend time away from the city crowds. 

Rent a car 

Apart from the hiking, there is much more you will want to see around the city. Ideally, you could utilize the six Metro lines and 93 stations as the most affordable way to commute. But using public transport is not the safest way to travel right now. The best advice for family travelers this summer is to rent a car while you are there. It is far more affordable than taking cabs. Just make sure you read the street signs before parking. 

A family trip to LA could be a great way to take a pandemic summer break, but you must prioritize safety at all times. Stick to the precautions and avoid the crowds. Most importantly, get your vaccines before you plan a holiday. 


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