There are so many laws out there, and so many fields of law.  Lawyers are familiar with these laws and many have a specific field that they specialize in so you know that you are getting the best advice possible.  If you happen to be a lawyer, though, how do you make sure that you stand out among all the other lawyers in your area or state as the one that someone should pick to get that best possible advice?  It is really hard to do.  Before I am sure that they relied a lot on word of mouth, but in this age of the Internet and with everything just a click away you may still get the occasional word of mouth and people asking others who they recommend, but chances are they are doing a search.

Which brings me back to the original question, how do you pick?  If I was a lawyer, I could take out big ads, pay big bucks to get the searches to show my name as one of the first so I have a better chance of being picked than if my name was found way down on the list, but sometimes you need more than that.  Sinking all your money in the hopes that being one of the top names that comes up in a search just isn't enough.  As one of those searchers, I know that just because your name is at the top does not mean you are tops, and let's be frank, anyone can say anything on the Internet and I really don't trust everything I read.   I get a name, and I then research the name to see if any other Joe Shmoe's are talking about the lawyer and any information I can get on them.  I do a lot of research.  I also end up scrolling through pages because like I said, I know that being at the top means really nothing. It ends up taking me forever to research anything, and if I was a lawyer I would much rather have the proof in the pudding so to speak rather than a high placement in a search engine.

Lawyers of Distinction does all the work for the average person looking for a lawyer and not every lawyer gets listed in it, so that is who I trust to find one, and if I was a lawyer I would want to be on it.  It basically helps you stand out from the crowd as a lawyer.  It has lawyers from all 50 states and in 20 specialized fields, but the big difference here is that once you are accepted as a member (which is limited by the way to 10% of lawyers from any state) then when I search for a lawyer for whatever reason, if you are a match in my state and area, then I get your name, and now I can do the research and decide on who I want, but it narrows down the field tremendously to where I am not scouring through pages and pages of web results, but giving you the edge by having met all the criteria to qualify for the registry.

Especially now during tax season, Lawyers of Distinction is a great source for tax aid, and to be listed as a lawyer would probably be a great marketing tool to get some business.  I know I would trust any lawyer on that registry just in the fact that the criteria to even qualify is so stringent and it is not like you can just get on it by asking, so that lawyer must be good and if you do get listed, it is something to be proud of.

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