nnn 018   The leap pad 3 is a new kid tough tablet. It has personalized learning which adapt to each child, kid safe web  with pre screened videos and more, and amazing discoveries they can play, create, read and learn. The leap pad 3 has 4gb memory, rechargeable battery, parental controls, two cameras and video recorders. Also with the leap pad 3 I had received Octonauts, get ready for kindergarten, Hello Kitty, Jake and the never land pirates and Sofia the first. It is recommended for age 3 to 9 years old. My son enjoyed 3 of the games. He really didn't want to play hello kitty or Sofia the first. They are for girls. Out of all the games he really enjoyed Octonauts. It teaches you ocean science, ecosystems, thinking like a scientist and making observations. He was able to explore the ocean with captain barnacles and his crew. Meet new creatures and see real life photos from NOAA. Navigate  a maze and identify marine animals by their sounds. Help peso treat and comfort injured sea creatures. With Jake and the Neverland  pirates not only do you play but it teaches them number recognition, shapes, sorting and classifying and counting. There are so many games you can get and they are for all different learning areas. The leappad3 is kid learning and kid tough. WiFi enabled. Personalized learning games and books automatically adjust to the level of learning to each child as they progress for just the right challenge. With kid safe web content, curated by leap frog learning experts, and a kid tough design leap pad 3 is 100% kid perfect inside and out! it is educator approved to access the most engaging learning library for kids tablet with 1000 plus games, ebooks, and more. Designed or approved by learning experts. The screen is very durable. If in the worst case it breaks it will not shatter. The battery should last up to 3 days depending on your child's play time. Leap frog has given me these products to review. The opinion is all my own. # Leap Frog. For more information click here. nnn 019

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