You may have heard the expression “easy as riding a bike” sometime in your lifetime. For many this expression doesn't hold true. There are a variety of reasons why someone may not have learned as a child. Fear is one of the most persistent reasons for not wanting to ride a bicycle. Loss of balance and fear of ridicule are the two main factors that keep adults from riding bicycles.


There is also a common misconception that if you didn't learn to ride a bicycle as a child, you missed out. This misconception has kept some from learning to ride a bicycle, but others have quite easily proven that concept wrong. Marilyn Northcotte with her program “Pedal Ready” has been teaching adults to ride for decades.


There are a few things you can do to prepare yourself for your first bicycle ride. You can:


Rent or Buy a Bicycle Guide for Women

Choose the right bike for your size. You should be able to mount the bike easily without straining to lift your leg too high. You also don't want a bicycle that is too low for you.

Choose what type of traveling you want to do on your bicycle. Lightweight bicycles are faster and easier to carry. Heavyweight bicycles are sturdy and have better balance.

Adjust the handlebars and saddle so you can sit comfortably and hold the handlebars steady.


It is a challenge to choose the best bicycle for women. Women love leisurely bicycles but they also like to speed down a mountain. Women do expect a bicycle that is both sturdy and easy to handle. Testing out bicycles that fit an active lifestyle or choosing a bicycle for a leisurely ride along the beach takes time. There are four different types of bicycles to choose from depending on the terrain and activity.



Cruiser bicycles-This category of bicycles also known as beach cruisers or motorbike is designed as a heavy weight bicycle with good balance, balloon tires and single-speed drive train. This is a very good bicycle for paved roads, boardwalks and other surfaces. Women's bikes often offer ergonomic designed handlebars and a form adjusting saddle.


Hybrid bicycles-This category of bicycles provides the same features of a mountain bicycle in its lightweight construction, but also provides the comfortable saddle. This bicycle is good for urban street biking and some off-road biking.


Road bicycles-This category of bicycles, sometimes known as racing bicycles can go at very fast speeds and are very lightweight. These bicycles are perfect for the open road.


Mountain bicycles-Steep mountain trails are no match for mountain bicycles that are designed to handle rough terrain due to their sturdy construction.


Starting Out Practice Makes Perfect

You got the right bicycle. Now all you need to do is start peddling, right? No, actually it will take some time and patience to get the hang of riding a bicycle. There are some important considerations to remember before taking your bicycle out for that first spin.


1. Check to make sure all parts of the bicycle are functioning properly. This includes:



1. Tires are properly inflated and have enough pressure

2. A properly adjusted saddle and wheels

3. Chain is tight enough and aligned correctly on drive train

4. Hand brakes are working properly



2. Pick a location that is free of traffic. Good locations are:


1. Park

2. Driveway

3. Track

4. Biking trail


You definitely want to get used to the bicycle before you start riding it. A good way to get used to the bike is to get on and off the bicycle without moving it. You can then test the pedals without getting on the bike.


Balance is a key element in learning how to ride a bicycle. You will need to adjust the saddle to its lowest setting when starting out. The very first thing you will do is actually mount and walk the bicycle. This is done until you feel comfortable enough to try to pedal. Once you have balance, you can start pedaling on your own.

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