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I think every child is fascinated with caterpillars and butterflies. It's really magically when you think about it. This long, little, furry worm-like creature turns into a beautiful butterfly that can fly! Insect Lore helps you experience what it's like to raise a teeny tiny caterpillar into a big beautiful butterfly.

Insect LoreAlmost everything you need will come shipped right to your doorstep. Can you believe that? I was pretty surprised that they shipped us 5 baby caterpillars! Don't be alarmed if your babies don't move much when they first arrive. They've had a long, stressful journey. Just put them on the counter and give them some time to acclimate to their new environment. Before you know it, they'll be scooting around the cup in no time!

For the first little while, there really is nothing you need to do. All the food your caterpillar needs is in the bottom of the cup. You get to sit back and watch them grow from these teeny tiny little black lines into big pudgy caterpillars. My 6-year-old daughter would rush home every night from school just so she could see how much they had grown. And it was fast! Those guys grew up in about a week!

Insect LoreWe were actually home having dinner when the first caterpillar started to build it's Chrysalide. It was amazing to see them do it! It was if they were shaking but in reality, they were creating shedding their exoskeleton one last time before becoming a butterfly.

I thought it was fascinating how they knew to climb to the top of the cup and attach themselves. Nature really gave them the knowledge to know what to do. And they stayed as a Chrysalide for about a week.

Butterfly GardenOne day, when we came home from school the first butterfly was hatched! Over the next 24 hours, they all hatched, except 1. I'm not sure what happened to the little fella but it never came out of the Chrysalide.

Once the butterflies are born you do need to provide them with a food source. There are directions on to make sugar water for them and giving them some scored fruit is good too. We put orange wedges and slices of kiwi in our cage for the butterflies to eat.

Unfortunately, you don't get to keep the butterflies for very long. They start to get restless in the enclosure and get cranky with one another. We had to keep ours for about a week because it was too cold to release them. We had to wait for the daytime temp to be above 55 degrees before we could set them free. So be aware of what your temp is by you before you order a kit.

Insect LoreOut of the 5 butterflies, we had 3 make it to the great outdoors. One passed away during the transformation from a caterpillar to a butterfly. And the other one got it's wings ripped off by a cranky butterfly. That one was a little traumatic to watch. I swear it was like they had a little episode of Fight Club going on in the cage!

My daughter really enjoyed raising her baby caterpillars into butterflies. The time did seem to fly by and I would do this again in a heartbeat!

You can order your own Butterfly Garden Set online and it'll arrive on your front door in a matter of days from sunny California!

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