When it comes to the kids, we are always looking for something that they can learn and do something other than playing on phones and games. Boxitale’s special game system uses a app to stream an original animated adventure series and while kids use the phone during the play they practice craft and creation 80% of the time on the actual board game, while the phone/ ipad is positioned on the 3D arena and not in their hands.

Once the player’s design is ready on the board, they take a picture of it and upload it using the BoxiTale app; the picture is reflected in the story. The kids get so excited when they are playing, they are always asking can we play. Simple to use and play, the story on the board, while getting clues from the app! – Boxitale offers a new type of game experience where children can actively play the story Suitable for Children 6-10 years of age ! Download the free app on your device.play with your smartphone tablet



Boxitale stories can be played as a single player and as a group. A game can take between 45 min to an Hour for 1 episode (2 episodes are included in the game box more available for purchase and will keep the kids busy for hours. A great family night game, and comes with all they need to play, minus the tablet or phone.

Children develop STEM SKILLS while playing this game. This family game learns and expands knowledge through the integrated app game experience, practice technology, engineering, problem solving, analyzing and integration.

The kids will build, design, and solve challenges and even play in mini games to solve the challenges presented to them in the story and eventually save the day!  Start playing immediately in the app guided by Boxi our robot he will take you step by step into the adventure. No adult instruction required The kids get to enjoy a high – tech game by playing out a story and practicing a craft. No rule book is needed!

There are a couple of different ones, so I now know what they will be getting for Christmas, we love to have fun and this is something they can do alone, and without us to supervise. Perfect to keep them busy, and having fun.


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