When it comes to the younger kids, we are always looking for new and exciting things for them to play with that are fun and teaches them at the same time. Coding for kids and learning spaceships is just the perfect thing for them to do both.



Are you ready to learn more about the Learning Journeys, a new line of toys the Code & learn  line, this will teach our younger children some of the basics, of coding and programming. These are some adorable products and there are two so far, the spaceship and the ladybug.

What makes this the perfect gift, not only are they learning they are having a great time. Great fun and also so educational coding toys, teaching them to solve and follow simple directions.

introducee children to basic programming and coding with these fun, light up, infrared remote control playmates. In mode one, use the coding card deck and color grid map to challenge your child to find the right path to a destination by entering directional instructions into the remote control.

Hit go and they will know they got to the right place when the cockpit of the ship lights up the color of the mat square they land on. If it matches the card they are correct! mode two allows your child to “drive” the remote control playmate around for free wheeling fun. A great tool for learning sequencing, directions, problem solving and logic. These products ALIGN with the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) standards.

Boost self-confidence – learning new skills and using them to achieve a tangible outcome is a fantastic way of boosting a child’s self-confidence. Games that make learning fun take away any of the worry or doubts that can make it difficult for children to approach a new area of development.

Encourage problem-solving skills – working out the correct route to the destination and choosing how to program the spaceship to get there makes use of your child’s developing problem-solving skills.


This is the perfect learning game, I cannot wait for us to have fun playing with it, for children who are eager to learn Learning Journey is the place to go, pick out some great learning and fun games and they won't know the difference.


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