Self care is so important. With everything happening in our world right now, taking a step back to take care of yourself on a regular basis can be so helpful in the long run. The Modern Mystery School can help you achieve your personal self care goals. Being international, everyone has a way to find access to The Modern Mystery School.


This great school is set up to help anyone and everyone be able to achieve advanced spiritual training. Offering nine different services and several classes that can help you get on your way to achieving spiritual well being. You are able to find all the information you need right on their website. You are able to pinpoint what work you need to do on yourself, or can go through multiple different classes to become your very best self.


Taking the first step is very simple. You can go right to the website and set up a consultation for yourself. This consultation is no obligation and will allow you to connect with a teacher or practitioner. They are able to help you find out what is available to you within your area. After that consultation takes place, an effective flow of progression will typically begin. This starts with Life activation sessions. Then is followed up by the Empower thyself program and initiation. This method has been successful for thousands of years.

If you are feeling down, and need to work on becoming a better version of yourself, grab yourself a cup of coffee cup with lid, and check out The Modern Mystery School for yourself. It is very easy to learn about all the different classes available to you. Make a list before signing up for your consultation, and the teachers will be able to help you learn even more about what each class you are interested in is about. Making sure that you make the right decisions on what classes will best help you.


There is a great deal of misconception surrounding the term “Wicca” or “Witchcraft” —  an innate form of magick that exists in all cultures all over the world. We invite you to learn more about this powerful magick! It is truly something that we can all connect to in some way, as it is about the magickal experience of life, the cycles of the earth, plants, animals, the sun, the moon and us as humans.

Magick is transformation and the MMS lineage teachings of Wicca provides the practical and experiential knowledge that can help you manifest and change your life! In this class, we will be discussing:

  • What is Wicca?
  • What is the Wheel of the Year?
  • Cycles of the Moon
  • The Four Elements
  • Tools of Magick
  • Ritual and Ceremony


There are some really good and interesting classes to choose from. They have a Wicca class, they teach you magic, this class is 40 and is 3 hours long, they will have your full attention.

If there is something you're looking for, that they have and its what you want to learn, then I say go for it.

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