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Learning Games for Children

When I was young we played a lot of board games.  There just were just not a lot of options. This was way back  before all the video games and internet. Learning games were especially popular, anything to give us a boost since back then there was also really no preschool.  You either had a babysitter or you stayed home with your mom like I did until Kindergarten.  That was it.

Now they start children learning extremely early, but I know doing that is very expensive and I just don’t have the money to do so, so in the age of the tablets and phones and other devices where I can download apps I find a lot of learning games. Just one problem.  I know how it is when I look at the computer too long, I really don’t want my child on a device for a long period of time.  Sure if I am sitting somewhere and need to keep them occupied for a few minutes fine it is a lifesaver, but when at home I would rather them play a game that is tangible.  Not to mention the fact that in life you are going to have to  have some dexterity, not everything is touching a screen (at least not yet).

A very cute game I found is Feed Fuzzy.  This is a chipmunk that you feed acorns to.   It is a fun way to learn colors and counting.  There are jumbo wooden dice so they fit in little hands nicely.  The player rolls the dice and searches for the correct number and color of acorns that matches what they rolled.  That is how they Feed Fuzzy! And the cheeks hold a lot of acorns! So cute! If you feed Fuzzy all your acorns, you win.  It teaches counting, color matching, and it can enhance fine motor skills.  Fuzzy also doubles as a carrying case for the game so it is perfect and you do not have to worry about keeping it in a box and set up and breakdown, etc.  It is for 1 to 4 players so it is perfect you just want your child to play and practice by themselves or they have a play date or cousins over, or maybe other brothers and sisters they can play with.

Speaking of fine motor skills, Little Tikes has something Called Waffle Blocks that I love. I always loved blocks and obviously, blocks are the perfect thing for dexterity and imagination – who doesn’t love building stuff with blocks?  The higher the better – I remember I never even used to really build anything, just stack them up to see how high I could get it before it fell.

Yes, even at that tender young age I had zero artistic ability! These waffle blocks come in a bag which you also use for storage and it zippers for easy portability.  They stack and connect so you can build it high OR wide and since they are connected no worries about it being destroyed (I used to knock down my sister’s all the time, and she wasn’t stacking, she was creating. I am so mean!).

If you are looking for learning games for your child or another child you know, definitely check these out!


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