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Learning Made Fun


With Christmas right around the corner, it seems we are all trying to figure out what to get the younger kids this year. They have so many toys, and for me having something that will teach them is the way I want to go.  That is where the  Oregon Scientific SmartGlobe Adventure AR, comes into play. Why this instead of something else, with this they are learning as well as having fun doing so.

This globe talks and speaks and has so many fun facts, that they will learn from all the countries they will visit with this globe, so why not teach and have them learn as well as have some fun.  The SmartGlobe talks and speaks about lots of fun facts. Listen to the country’s national anthem, capital, or history. Over 4,000 information pieces are stored in the globe’s digital memory.

 Use the SmartGlobe pen to touch all over the globe. The stand base and world globe contain digital touch points almost everywhere! What I love about this globe is, open it up and explore the solar system.  


  • 20,000 + fun facts
  • 220+ countries to explore
  • 42 Games to play
  • Six language option: English (US), English (UK), Spanish, Italian, Russian, French
  • Use the free app along with your smart device to activate 500 interactive AR features
  • Use the AR app to take a picture of yourself next to a famous landmark and share it with your friends on social media!
  • Open the globe to explore the earth's core and the solar system!

Visit your the world famous Landmarks

Visit the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, and then head over to France to scope out the Eiffel Tower.

Play with your favorite Animals

Learn about animals and what they eat, where they live, and how long they live for.

Travel back in time to land of the Dinosaurs

Find your favorite dinosaur, take a picture with it, and share it with your social media.


Share the pictures, you take on social media. Have fun and learn what can any parent ask for, this is the best gift to give,