Learning Through A Toy

Learning Through A Baby Toy – This Cute Toy Will Do More Than Make Them Laugh

Babies are learning about their environment from the moment of birth.  We all know that there are a ton of toys out there to choose from, but some are not as educational as others.  If you're looking for something to simply make your baby laugh, this post isn't for you.  Well, I guess you could use it for that, but they'll learn anyway!  Yoee Baby toys are all about teaching little ones about the many different textures and what each one will do when they touch or squeeze it.  It's all safe to put into their mouths too.  I was lucky enough that they sent me the Yoee Baby Fox – a multi-purpose newborn baby development toy.  It's more than just cute, it's the perfect toy to give any baby.

Learning Through A Toy

Learning Through Touch

Have you ever seen those babies with the little mittens on their hands?  I actually used to do it, but little did I know that it isn't good for them.  They learn from touching different surfaces, so if they can't feel it, how can they learn?  I understand that we don't want them to scratch their little faces, but trust me, it's better for them to not wear these.  I didn't know about this until my granddaughter was in the NICU after being born 12 weeks early.  They explained all of this important information that I wish someone would've told me when my kids were little.

Learning Through A Toy

The little fox that they sent to me has a very soft, fuzzy tail that they'll love to feel across their faces or hands.  You can use it to tickle and make them laugh or to calm them when they're being fussy.  It's designed with a handle so that it's easy for parents to hold while the baby is able to see the face of the fox.  Usually, toys are made for babies that are much older, but this amazing toy (all of Yoee's) can be used to play with newborns.  This can help babies with their sensory development, which is so important for later in their lives.  It helps them want to touch things like grass and other different textures without it being irritating.  I'm not saying it will make every single baby do this, obviously, that would be based on much more than just a toy.

Learning Through A Toy

These toys will help with gross and fine motor skills and even language and hearing.  Part of the fox crinkles when you squeeze it.  My granddaughter loved things like this when she was little.  There is also a rattle that the baby can use on his/her own or parents can shake it for them.  In addition, there's a silicone teether and we all know the first thing they want to do is put something into their mouth!  It even has a tag that is completely safe for the baby to chew on.  This company has thought of everything.  Oh, and one more thing about their toys.  The colors are nice and vibrant to catch their attention.

Christmas is only a short time away so let's get organized and get things taken care of before then.  Purchase your own Yoee toy and give them the best gift ever!

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