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Let The Picture Taking Begin

Who doesn't love taking pictures from their phone, I know I am always snapping a great picture here and there. And what happens we can't print them off our phone, thats where the polaroid mint comes in, this is the easiest way to get all the pictures you want and more.

A smartphone Printer in your pocket: amazing handheld Printer prints high-quality, full-color photographs from any iOS or Android phone. The picture comes out so vibrant and colorful. We have been using it, and loving it. Innovative zero ink technology: there’s no need for pricy toner or printing Supplies; zinc Cartridges combine paper & ink all in one

Built-in Bluetooth connectivity: skip the confusing Cables pair w/ any smart device to share photos fast & easy. And is so easy to set up and use all was download the  Polaroid app: free companion app lets you unlock endless editing features including crop, filter effects, stickers & another creative flair for your craft projects.

Whether you hang in your locker or decorate your work desk, protective layering ensures pictures never bleed, smudge or fade over time. Discover the endless perks of this practical, portable printer—and indulge in instant gratification!

 To my surprise, the picture quality is amazing. The best part is that the photo paper is sticky paper. You can peel and put on any surface. You can also add borders to the pictures



MINI PHOTO & VIDEO CAMERA: not only does this classic Polaroid camera let you snap and print pictures instantly, but you can also record full 1080 HD video or a fun gif. With ZINK Zero Ink Paper technology, there is toner, no film, no shaking – this new spin on an old classic is truly instant.

Not only is this a camera ,This Polaroid can print photos from almost any device! Connect your smartphone, computer or tablet to the camera and you can edit and print the photos as if you just snapped them on the camera itself! Built-in Wi-Fi you can instantly share photos on Facebook, Instagram or anywhere else. The camera takes stunningly vivid shots with a 20 mega-pixel lens. The built in speaker and mic lets you record video

We purchased this version of camera compared to others more inexpensive because of the megapixels and the ability to store the pictures digitally. Also you have the option to print particular pictures, not every single one, so if a picture turns out bad, delete it, dont print it, simple and easy to use.

Both of these products are great and easy to use and make the perfect gift


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