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Let’s All Hydrate Better

Let’s All Hydrate Better And Drink More Water Daily

I know we are all very busy and it’s easy to forget to hydrate with water.  Unfortunately, that can make you really sick or lead to other illnesses you don’t want.  Dehydration is completely preventable for the most part.  That’s why I was excited that I received the Mint HydroJug that holds half a gallon of water!  If that won’t remind you to drink I honestly don’t know what will.  You can take it with you to work, while you hike, walking the dog, and whatever else you do in your busy lives.  Not only will you stay hydrated, but you’ll also be saving the planet from those awful, disposable plastic bottles.  Let’s all get out there and drink more water daily!

Why Hydrate With This Jug

Well, it just so happens that this plastic jug is BPA-free and completely dishwasher safe.  This thing cleans with ease and it’s ready to get back out there to do its work.  A lot of people are using supplements nowadays, and this jug makes that a breeze.  Simply open the top and pour it in.  Replace the lid and shake it up!  That’s it and you’re ready to go.  Not only can you add supplements, but it’s so easy to add ice also.  I can’t drink my cold water without my ice.  That’s just one thing I love about this huge bottle.  They also sent me this amazing Floral Sleeve that slides right onto my jug.  It helps to prevent condensation and has a great strap to go around my neck.  It even has 2 small pockets that I put my phone in while walking the dog.  It’s perfect!

Save The Planet

Instead of using those disposable bottles, get yourself a HydroJug.  I used to drink out of those bottles all of the time, but I tried to recycle as much as I could.  Now it doesn’t matter because I have my favorite jug and I use it every day!  I am trying my best to get in shape for the new year and this is a good start.  Drinking water daily does so much for your health.  I hope you get your own and buy one as a great gift!

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