Twangled STEM Game

The kids have been stuck inside all winter and they are getting antsy. At least I know mine are! Twangled is a new way to get those kids up and moving. AND they have to communicate together.

Twangled STEM GameTwangled is a great game to use for team building. You'll need 4-8 people to play. And if your group is bigger I'd suggest buying a second or third game. Then they can compete in teams against each other!

Before you start, you'll need a nice wide open space. So if you are playing inside, move all that furniture and push it up against the walls. Next, stand in circle. Each person should take a band. Basically, you'll be standing in a circle, holding bands. Just be sure you have two different colors. The spinner will be placed in the center of the circle, so everyone can easily spin it with their feet. Now you are all set up! It's time to get Twangled!

Twangled available at MindWareIt doesn't matter who goes first or what order you go in. Just make sure everyone gets a turn spinning the wheel. Half the wheel says under and half says over. What that means is, when you spin the wheel and it lands at under you need to find that color and go under the band without letting go of the two bands you are holding. Once everyone has had a turn, repeat the same order and let everyone have a second turn. Once, everyone has gone twice, you are Twangled!

The game is only half over. Next, you have to get un-Twangled without letting go of the bands. And the person that went last cannot be the first person to go. So, this is where the communication comes in. As a team, you need to figure out how to get everyone back into their original places. This is why I think it would be fun to have 2 or 3 of these kits and turn it into a contest.

Once everyone is back in the same place they began, facing the center of the circle you're done! Sounds pretty simple, right? Well, it's much harder than you think. If you start to master the game or if you are up for a challenge there are 3 little twists you can put on it. They are listed in the direction manual that comes with Twangled.

You can purchase your own Twangled at MindWare. Maybe pick up a few for the next block party? Or birthday party?



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