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Let’s Have Fun With Magnets

Let's Have Some Fun With Magnets! Kids Can Learn So Much From Toys Made With Magnets – It's All About STEM Learning

Kids aren't the only ones that love magnets, am I right?  However, the difference is when I was a kid I didn't have toys that were made from them.  We had to play with those big, ugly black magnetic pieces that your parents happened to get their hands on.  The crazy thing is that no matter what, we learned from them!  I remember putting them face to face and feeling that polarized pushing when they wouldn't attract to one another.  Anyway, now-a-days there are amazing toys so that kids don't have to use the things we did.  Toys from companies like Magformers.  Not only do they make those famous Magformers sets but they also have Stick-O for the really little ones.  My granddaughters absolutely love when I bring these to them because it's like Christmas!

Magnets Are So Much Fun

Magformers recently sent me their new Cube House Penguin Set and I absolutely adore it.  It has 20 pieces and they're so darn cute!  Your kids are going to love playing with these, plus their imagination will take them far away.  There's even a little child character that has a sweet penguin onesie that's included in the set.  He also has a little bear hat that kids can switch when they want a change.  This set also comes with things like windows to add to the walls, a bike, table, and other building materials.  Playing with this set gives kids so much enjoyment that they won't want to put it away.  The age range is 3 years and up because of the choking hazard.

Another set they sent to me is the Stick-O Forest Friends Set which is a 16 piece set geared more for little ones.  These pieces can take your child wherever their imagination wants to take them.  The possibilities are truly endless!  Each segment is designed to be chunky so it's easy for little hands to create whatever creatures they want to.  These help to build fine motor skills which obviously, kids can certainly use.  The great thing is that they just think they're playing, but we know they're actually learning too!  This set comes with balls with smiley faces, ears, feet, and other pieces that they can use for whatever they want.

My granddaughters love playing with these sets, like I said earlier.  I'm sure your little ones will too!

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