When you are ready to expand your family and have a baby, what more fun is there than the trying?   Babies are such a blessing and everyone looks forward to getting that news.  Sometimes it is very easy for people to conceive, sometimes they aren't even trying and they end up pregnant.  Sadly, for some people it is a little bit harder and they go month after month waiting and disappointed, buying early pregnancy tests and hoping to see a line only to have to wait another month.  As fun as the trying is, after a while when it is not giving you the desired effect it can get to be quite a chore, and more stressful because you hope that this is the time it will happen.

Now especially in the winter months when it is so cold outside and you want that body heat is the perfect time for trying.  We have blizzards here in the Northeast, maybe you live somewhere that it does not snow but if you are where it does you know what I am talking about.  You can't go anywhere, who wants to anyway.  This past weekend it was literally negative numbers here and I did not want to step foot outside. I just wanted to stay wrapped up in a blanket in my house.


If you knew exactly when it would be great time to try making a baby, that would take some of the guesswork out because you can try when you know is a good time to get the desired result and get back to it being fun instead of a chore.  The “Trying to Conceive”  or, become pregnant the kit contains 2 months of our ConceiveEasy fertility blend), 20 pregnancy and/or ovulation tests, plus a BBT thermometer.  This will tell you when you are most likely to become pregnant, and there is something that has to do with thermometers which I am not an expert so I am not sure exactly what the significance is but I am sure it counts for something.  It doesn't matter, I will do anything to increase my chances including all the superstitions but having a little science so I know exactly when I am ovulating is the best thing, this way I do not feel like I am wasting a chance at getting the results I want and I am doing it the best time in my cycle.


If you are frustrated with not getting the desired outcomes month after month, try  and see if it can help you get that positive pregnancy test finally!  What do you have to lose? You may just get “lucky!”.

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