Let's Make Kissing Fun And Exciting Again

Kissing Can Be Fun And Exciting Again!

We all know that kissing can get a little routine and boring while in a long relationship.  We take advantage of each other and the excitement kind of wears off.  Kissing is the one way you can show your significant other how much you love them!  Let's make kissing fun and exciting again by using Kisses 4 Us.  It's a fun and flirty card game that gives you different ways of kissing each other.  You can use it however you decide, so get creative with it!

Let's Make Kissing Fun And Exciting Again

Valentine's Day is all about lovers and kissing, so I would recommend Kisses 4 Us as a gift.  It's much more unique than candy and flowers.  The whole idea around the card game is to light that old flame again.  It's fun to get back to when you couldn't wait to kiss one another.  Remember those days?  When just holding hands put a little electricity through your body?  I know I miss those days, and I'm sure you do too.  Kissing is one of the most intimate acts you can do with another person, so why not get creative and experiment with it?

Let's Make Kissing Fun And Exciting Again

Kisses 4 Us comes with a beautiful black box (with a smooch on top) to hold the cards.  It's filled with 30 unique kiss cards and an explanation on how to perform the specific kiss.  You also receive 5 “create your own” kiss cards, an idea book, and you even get cute kissing facts on each card.  Did I mention that this box set is all about kissing (haha)?  So, as I said earlier, you can choose to use the cards whatever way you'd like.  However, they also give suggestions.  A couple of those suggestions would be to simply choose a card from the deck and perform it.  There are hand kisses, trail kisses, and even a woodpecker kiss!  Some of the ideas they give you would be to hide the cards throughout the house and when you find them, perform that kiss where you found it.

Let's Make Kissing Fun And Exciting Again

Give your significant other the gift of kissing!  

The accessories in the picture are not included in the Kisses 4 Us box set.

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Let's Make Kissing Fun And Exciting Again

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