Before too long the holidays will be here, and shopping for children will be the biggest thing here, we have both younger kids and older ones. Some love to be creative and thats where Aqua Beads comes in.

Great set for a start to the AquaBeads collection! This complete set contains over 800 jewel and solid beads in 16 colors, bead case, bead flipper with layout tray, sprayer, pen, template sheets & instructions.

When done designing, just spray your creations with water, no heat required! Create your designs quicker than before with the new bead flipper. Connect this set with the master Studio (sold separately) for double the fun! Suitable for children ages 4 and up

It has larger trays so kids can make larger projects. The spray bottle works MUCH better than the one we had. It may mist very well. We like the tool to help pick up a project once it has dried. And they also have a 3D mold so that kids can make a small bowl.


Over 800 jewel and solid beads in 16 colors. Also includes bead case, bead flipper with layout tray, sprayer, pen, template sheets & instructions
Made from the highest quality materials
Make, spray, flip tray and they stay!
The flip tray eliminates the bead drying wait time and allows you to create more designs immediately
The possibilities are endless!

We have had the best time playing with this we also got the deluxe one making it double the beading fun.

  • Create cute animals, characters, ice cream, fruit, a 3D turtle and other amazing designs!
  • Over 1300 jewel and solid beads in 24 colors, tool case with bead palette and layout table, rainbow bead pen, bead peeler, 5 easy trays (heart, bear, rabbit, star, bowl) spayer, 3 double-sided template sheets and instructions
  • Make, Spray and they Stay!
  • Peel your creation in 10 minutes and the beads stay in place!


Aquabeads is the original water-activated bead craft product. Made from the highest quality materials, Aquabeads are fun and safe for the entire family. The Deluxe Studio comes with everything to create more than 20 bead art creations – the possibilities are endless! Includes over 1300 jewel and classic beads plus bead palette, table tray, tool case, rainbow pen, 3D bowl tray plus bear, rabbit, star and heart trays. Includes water sprayer, exclusive bead peeler, 3 double-sided template sheets and detailed instructions. Creating Aquabeads is easy – it's as simple as make, spray and they stay!


These two sets are perfect for the girls and they will love playing for hours with it. This deluxe set includes a cool bead peeler-the boys LOVED it! This handy dandy device allows you to safely peel off and move your creation after only 10 minutes. Great when dealing with 2 kids that want to keep their creativity and their creations flowing! It's nice to find something that boys can enjoy doing that helps fine motor skills and creativity blossom.



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