As I sit here and think of all the good times we had , theres one day that is forever in my mind and that's 3-16-94, that's the day my life forever. It started out like a normal day and I called you to see if you would come and wait in the er with me cause Ray was having pains in his chest, and you had said you didnt feel good so I said ok talk to you later. If I knew those would be my last words to you I would have said I love you. I get home and don't call knowing that tomorrow you would be down for your coffee like you always did, it snowed and Kelly calls me and tells me you cant  breath to get to the hospital. It's like my life was moving in slow motion and most of it's a blur. Ray and I got to the hospital first so we headed to the house , to see you in that ambulance and not know what was going on was the worst.
We arrive at the hospital and they put us in this tiny ass room, and I hate those rooms now because they stuck me in the same one with mommy. And nurse asks us if we need to call someone and I think I called Aunt Janet and Ronnie and Ray went to get mommy. A nurse comes in and tells us they are working on you and the dr will be in a bit. I know I took mommy hand and told her about the nurse and then the Dr comes in, he's talking to us like you are fine and then those words we lost him, no im sorry nothing. Uncle Joe looks at him like wtf and Kellys crying , Rays crying and Ronnies in a bad way, I'm just numb and mommy in complete shock. I cant remember much after that except I wanted to run away and wake up because how am I going to live without my daddy, im a daddy's girl and im dam proud of that fact. And I needed to be the one to hold my family together.
Daddy you are the first man I fell in love with and the only man I trust with my heart, you are the world to me , everything I am is because of you, you have taught me to love with my whole heart . You are the strongest person I know and all the strength I have is because of you. You're the person who held our whole family together, your my rock and at times I dont know how im going to do things and I hear you telling me you can .
I think sometimes I never told you I loved you enough because god knows I did, you are the most giving person I know and I get that from you, never thought about yourself always helped others. I just want you to be proud of all the things I have done and how im trying to get my life together. You would be proud of your grandchildren they have grown into young adults.

I needed to write you daddy because my heart is heavy and I miss you so so much and I love you. You're a man who s loved and respected by many and for that im proud to call you my daddy.

I love you forever and beyond daddy , your daddy's girl always.

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