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Hydrating and Refreshing Skin Care

Lexi Skin

Looking younger is a goal many of us middle aged women are yearning for. With that we want only the best products to help us accomplish that mission. Ordinary skin creams are just that- ordinary! They do not give much benefits at all. However, Lexi Skin is a wonderful brand, because they use the special ingredient, micro encapsulated copper peptides.

Copper Peptides

Lexi Skin uses this refined ingredient for the purpose of skin regeneration. The copper peptides promote your body to produce more collagen and elastin, thus causing the healthier and younger looking skin. It also acts as an antioxidant to remove impurities.

The micro encapsulated copper peptides gets absorbed through the skin where it is being regenerated. This also will help with reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It works well with women of all skin types. One of my major concerns is my dry face. I feel like its always flaky and is starting to sag where I don’t feel so confident in myself. However, when I use the Lexi Skin face cream, I feel like my skin is being properly nourished. I could sense the hydration of the formula actually penetrating into my skin and creating a layer of moisture I so desperately needed.

The face cream is perfect for day and night use and comes in a 50 ml jar. I love that it is not greasy and sits well under my makeup though out the day. In time, it is also supposed to improve skin tone and age spots.

What goes fairly well with the face cream is the neck cream! The cream promotes lifting of sagging skin. It also helps regain firmness. This was the deal breaker for me since my neck was needing this certain pick me up. You will notice the difference after two weeks and it too comes in a 50 ml jar. I love both products so much. A perk, is that they smell really nice too!

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