My family has always used pampers, from when we were all young and even now with all of the babies. Pampers is the only name we trust when it comes to diapers. Pampers has a brand new line of diapers called Pampers Premium Care that were just put into Walmart stores this week. And my nephew Liam was able to test these out. Before they even hit the stores. What is the best features is that they soft and gentle feel to them, and come with cute animal designs on the front. And the fact they are hypoallergenic to help maintain baby's healthy skin. 


When it comes to our Liam we are very careful with what we use, he was born a premie and they are somethings that did not do right with him. Having a mom who worked in a premie ward she knew that pampers are the best, and these Pamper Premium Care diapers are great, there are so many things we love about them but one that, sticks out the most is they have extra absorb channals, that help to distribute wetness evenly for up to 12 hours and an Absorb Away Liner to pull away wetness and mess. They're also breathable inside and out and have a wetness indicator that lets you know when your baby might need a diaper change. 


For my niece she  loves  having tools to help lighten the load, physically and mentally/emotionally, because it can be overwhelming in so many way. And being a first time mom these have really helped her in many ways. The stretch is great and they allow for ultimate movement, without bunching or twisting. They move with the body, but keep messes in place. And now that he is starting to move more these are great for him. 


The Wetness Indicator is especially helpful for newborns, they were a lifesaver for her so she knows when he needs to be changed, she's very happy with these and loves her whole kit she received. Could not be more happy. This adorable baby promise kit with keepsake box, journal and changing pad. She can write down Liams new things and keep it for him when he's older. 


To celebrate the release of Pampers Premium Care, Pampers has launched the #MothersPromise campaign which encourages moms from the first time mom with a newborn to the soccer mom with a full mini-van to write down and remember the promises that they have made to their little ones in the past or that they plan to keep moving forward. All moms want the very best for their kids, including happiness and comfort and Pampers Premium Care diapers are designed to let you keep your baby’s skin at its very best
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