I dont know who loves their tea more my husband or my brother in law, they both have a cup at night.

When I saw the Libre company I thought this was a awesome thing to find out some more info about.

With the Libre tea Glass Travel Infuser, you put tea leaves of your choice in the strainer or directly inside. The tea leaves get strained as you drink it, giving you that fresh tea flavor without the mess.

It has a health-conscious glass interior for fresh taste and a durable polycrbonate exterior for ‘on the go’ practicality. The fine stainless steel tea filter is surrounded by BPA-free polypropylene as is the lid interior The perfect way to take the tea you most like with you always and never have to worry about the place not having it.

Libre Tea Facts:
◦You can also use the Libre Tea Travel Infuser with a tea bag.
◦It will keep your tea hot for approximately one hour.
◦You can use it for hot tea or cold tea.
◦They are not dishwasher safe.
◦It is made with Borosilicate glass – glass that is used for scientific equipment – similar to ‘Pyrex’.
◦The lid will fit directly into the tea glass if you choose to omit the filter connector after steeping.
◦The inner glass is a glass designed to withstand high temperatures of boiling water and will not break.

How Does the Libre Tea Glass Work?

The two-part lid allows you to make tea two different ways. Put your loose leaf tea in the glass, add hot water, and allow the tea to steep. Then screw the stainless steel filter on to keep the leaves out of your mouth when you drink.

Or, for a tea with limited steeping time, add hot water to the glass, screw the filter on and put the tea on top of the filter. Give it a few minutes for the steam to dissipate, then screw the lid on and turn the glass upside down to steep. When the tea is ready, flip it back over and unscrew both the filter and the lid to drink.


www.libretea.com In the car, on a hike, on your bike, at the office, at yoga class – enjoy a tea moment with yr Libre tea glass

inspiring tea moments with environmenentally friendly methods and healthy choices for the people and the planet

Company Overview
dedicated to inspiring tea moments – a time to connect with ourselves and the world in the midst of a busy day …loose leaf tea on the go… a tea moment anywhere, anytime.

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