Every home needs a little TLC from time to time. If you’re about to give your property a makeover then the one question on your mind is ‘how do I make the place look bigger?’


Most homeowners would like a few extra feet of floor space, but in most cases that’s simply not possible. However, even if you are working on a strict budget, it is possible to give your home a more spacious feeling. Before even thinking about making new improvements, the first step is to de-clutter. Most families build up a collection of unwanted items over the years and they do make a difference.


Sell these items on the internet to raise funds for new purchases. Alternatively, give them away to charity. There might be some sentimental items you’d like to keep as a memento, which is fine. But do you really need three VHS copies of the Titanic? Get rid of the junk and you’ll notice an instant improvement.


Another key to unlocking the potential of your home is to eradicate wasted space. Have you got a guest bedroom for when your parents come to stay once a year? Lose it. There’s an easy solution with sofa beds at mydeal.com.au. Your guests get a comfortable bed, and you get a new sofa as well as an extra room to use. It’s a no-brainer.


Whatever you do, don’t turn that extra room into a glorified cupboard. You’ve got an attic, cupboards and other areas designated for storage. If you’re really struggling, then there are plenty of space-saving storage products on the market.


Besides, you should have less rubbish now that you’ve got rid of the rubbish. Instead, turn that room into your new favourite part of the house. This will instantly make you feel like the house has grown.


Essentially, it comes down to making the most of your space. It’s true that you can employ various interior design techniques, such as using light colours, to make rooms feel bigger. Moreover, a modern and minimalist look is probably better than an overcrowded floor space. Nonetheless, the key is to actually make the entire house do its job.


The garden shouldn’t be exempt either. Creating a positive outdoor environment will be like building a whole new dimension to the property. Lay some decking, get a BBQ, and invest in some garden activities. It won’t just make the house feel bigger; it will make it more fun too.


Ultimately, your home has to feel comfortable for you. There is no set blueprint for good or bad interior design and you must tailor your ideas to suit your budget and requirements. Nonetheless, gaining that extra space will work wonders for your home.


Rid your home of unnecessary rubbish and be smart with storage. Do this and your property will feel bigger without any need for upgrades. The new aesthetic is bound to raise your spirits too. Stop making excuses and get to work now.

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