Life Lessons That Harry Styles Can Teach Us

Life Lessons That Harry Styles Can Teach Us

Harry Styles always seems to be in the headlines: dating the decade-his-senior Olivia Wilde, wearing a dress on the cover of Vogue, and forging a significant solo career. Whatever the game is, the breakout star of One Direction is winning. The life lessons that Harry Styles can teach us are all about being fearless and having fun.

Age Is Just a Number

Styles, 26, has been dating older women since he was a teen, and now the paparazzi are chasing him and his new love, director Olivia Wilde, 36. Judging by his dating past, Styles is open to women of any age: in between relationships with Kendall Jenner, Taylor Swift, and the usual Victoria’s Secret models, he dated a British TV presenter who was 14 years older than he was and the Pussycat Dolls’ Nicole Scherzinger, who was 16 years older.

Life Lesson

Be open to love wherever you find it. You’re limiting yourself if you get stuck in a preconceived notion of how a relationship should look.

Flex Your Fashion

Styles’ love of gender-bending fashion borders on glam rock. With inspiration from friends Mick Jagger, Elton John, and Stevie Nicks, Styles isn’t afraid to wear anything: extreme bell bottoms, onesies, bathrobes, purple silk pants with embroidered dragons, or a lace Gucci jumpsuit with matching gloves and suspenders. Most controversially, Styles has made waves for adopting a string of pearls as his signature accessory.

Life Lesson

Express yourself with fashion. Men, don’t be afraid to experiment with flamboyant accents like flowers in your hair, a statement belt, or a frilly scarf.

Try Something New

Styles’ band, One Direction, became an overnight success after their success on England’s The X Factor reality show. But even after Zayn Malik left the group, Styles remained positive and released another hit album with the remaining members. He found success with two solo albums and drew comparisons to some of his musical heroes, including the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. In 2017, he made his film debut in Christopher Nolan’s award-winning Dunkirk. He met Wilde when she was directing him in the upcoming ’50s-era thriller, Don’t Worry Darling.

Life Lesson

Don’t rest on your laurels. Who says you should have just one talent, career, or passion? Styles takes risk after high-profile risk. If he’s afraid of failure, he sure doesn’t show it.

Be Kind To Each Other

Styles’ latest hit is “Treat People With Kindness,” and he’s emblazoned his merchandise with the motto and its abbreviation “TPWK.” One of the life lessons that Harry Styles can teach us is to put your money where your mouth is: He’s been an outspoken advocate for charities supporting water availability and conservation, gender equality, LGBT issues, and many more. In 2016, he donated his locks for a charity that provides wigs to kids with cancer. Styles believes in kindness in his personal life, too. He never says a bad word about any of his exes, even Taylor Swift—who has reportedly written at least four songs about their time together.

Life Lesson

Use your power for good. Give back to charity with your money or your time, and stay above the fray when it comes to gossip.

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