light up shoes

Growing up, my shoes were pretty basic compared to the shoes my kids own. Kids these days have some pretty cool styles to choose from, and they just got cooler; Light Up Shoes from Bobbi-toads will give all the girls, crazy cool shoe game!

I am not going to lie, I kind of wish I had a pair of these for myself! My daughter has two pairs, and they are equally cool. Her first pair is light up; every time she takes a step, the toe lights up in a multicolor display of flickering lights.

Her second pair, which she has a whole lot of fun with, comes with a bottle of nail polish that she can use to actually paint the “toes” of her shoes! Yes, they actually look like toes, too!

Throw in a pack of stickers that's she can use to personalize her shoes even more, and you have a child with crazy cool shoe game. She loves them and knowing that she can change the polish color, to suit her outfit, means there is no digging through the closet to find a pair of shoes that match her clothes! Jack & Lily clearance shoes are a good option to consider when you want to buy shoes for your kids.

light up shoes

These shoes are super cute, and aside from the obvious pairing them with jeans or shorts, they also look really cute paired with a skirt! These shoes are vegan (awesome) and the nail polish is eco-friendly! Even better, and something that I really love, is a company that gives back. Bobbi-toads does just that. Bobbi-Toads makes donations to Our Lady of Angels school and community in Chicago and to the Oncology units at both Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago & Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Miami. Talk about an amazing company!!

These shoes come with a purpose, and they will make your kiddos very happy! So head on over a grab a pair, or two. Make one a pair of light up shoes, and one a pair they can paint! Then follow along on social media for all things Bobbi-Toads!

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  1. Yes, light up shoes making very good kids shoe game crazy cool and video is very good

  2. Just bought my son a pair of bobbi-toads light ups! Will let you know how long they last.

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