The lighting in houses may be an ignored aspect of the design and decorations of many people. However, how your house is lit up can affect your mood, vibe, and people’s impression of your home. The older you get, the more you realize that different lighting can help you perform different tasks better. The warmer and dimmer the lightning is, the more you will be able to relax and wind off and vice versa. Now, that we’re all forced to stay home for longer periods of time, you may have realized that some lights can cause tension and headaches and others can get you in the mood to perform a certain task better. You need to make sure that you light up every room in your home in a way that serves its purpose and the activities that you will be having in it. 


Before lighting any of the rooms, you need to first have a solid plan for what each room is going to be used for and how you’re going to arrange your furniture. If you have already planned that, then you need to plan for lighting and start trying out different options to help you make the right choices. You need to learn about the different types of bulbs and lighting options as well as when, where, and why each one of them should be used. Here are a few ideas that will make your home stand out and give you more relaxing vibes. 

Use Light Layers

Light layers are mixing different lighting options together to make each room more noticeable and communicate the language of interior design to the person who is staying in it. There are three combinations that you can mix. Use a general ambient light like chandeliers and ceiling lights. These are usually treated as the main source of light in bedrooms and are usually bright with a harsh glare. However, this shouldn’t be the case, ambient light can actually be as simple as the windows letting in natural sunlight every morning, therefore, you’d need to choose less intense light bulbs that create a soft glow that would allow you to perform house chores like cleaning, changing the bedsheets, and so on. 


You can also use task-specific lights like sconces, table lamps, and light pendants hanging on the walls and from the ceiling. The thing about task-specific light is that it helps you perform tasks better. This lighting is perfect for reading, working, or applying makeup. When combined with ambient lighting, task lighting can work wonders to your concentration levels, and you’ll feel more focused without getting headaches from it or needing a break. 


And finally, accent lighting that works well with your general lighting, but highlights a specific area of the room like an art piece. It creates a glow that results in a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. You can also use LED strip lights or light tapes, like these from Ellumiglow, to draw more attention to specific pieces of your house and make these areas for taking professional and gorgeous selfies. LED light strips are also great accessories for decorating any room of your house and will never go wrong. Lighting your house with layers and different options light sources will make your home adjustable for chilling, working, or sleeping, as well as give your home good vibes and feelings of relaxation. 

Use More Candles 

Candles are a great source of light. If you invest in holders for your tables and walls. They will not only look great and make light shapes that are awesome. They’ll create a relaxing and comfortable vibe all over the house. You just need to choose holders that maximize candle lights rather than minimize it and you’re all good to go. 


Scented candles will also help make the room more relaxing and cozier than ever. So, make sure you invest in some candles and figure out creative ways to display them. It’s always best to use a mixture between all sources of light in every room so make sure you have lamps, headlights, and task lights and combine with candles to make an awesome mixture of lighting ideas. Candles will also help you in reducing your electricity bills so go ahead and invest in some now! 

Get Dimmers 

Dimmers are the best lighting idea ever created. This way you can control the setting of every room just by playing around with how dim the lights are in that same room. It’s important that you try and buy light bulbs that work with dimmers so you can be able to control the setting of the light without going through the hassle of finding the right light balance. A dimmer will allow you to switch from business mood to chillaxing time by letting you adjust the lighting of the room accordingly. 


Dimmers are easy to install, and they help serve the multipurpose of every room. They add depth to the room and its environment. Making it easier for people in the same room to perform different tasks that require different lighting, but still not annoy or frustrate one another. 

Consider Going Smart 

Almost every home now has smart gadgets that help you control different things in your house. Consider getting smart light bulbs that work with your smart home operators. Smart light bulbs can switch light colors and dim the lights just by tapping a few buttons on your phone application or by simply ordering a Smart Home System that will allow you to switch colors to yellow, blue, or purple that can help you feel more comfortable and relaxed. 


If you don’t want to use smart applications, you can try using colored filter sheets on the light bulb or simply using transparent paint. It will cost you less than going smart and gives you new options, even though limited. 




When lighting your house, you need to remember that it’s an easy job, but if not done right can leave you wanting to get out of your house, the minute you come in. It may also make you hate the design and the furniture you picked out yourself because some lightings make things look flat. Make sure you try different light bulbs and understand a little bit about the different brightness levels and different colors of as well as when each one of them would be useful to you. Make sure you use different sources of light and try to use natural material as much as you can, they make rooms feel more alive.


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