One of the most important things in a home or in fact any place where people will need to be able to see properly is lighting. This does not only illuminate places that are too dark for us to have visibility but they also add beauty and set the mood because of the lighting they provide and how they appear. From the simple lightbulb, many new designs have come into the picture and a lot of different styles and types of lighting have developed and inspired new trends that people use today.


Some of the most popular trends nowadays would be lighting of the following designs:


Luxurious Finishes

Some of the most common lightings include lights designed with finishes relating to luxurious designs that are simple and mostly take their color from jewelry and other luxurious material. For example, wicker pendant lights are now very popular, as the material gives a different design than regular lighting designs. Most of the common would be golden or silver finishes accompanying the simple yet elegant designs of lights which may either be hanging in a simple manner or either flat on a surface. While simple in design, this kind of lighting usually keep the design simple yet still elegant and modern while maintaining the simplicity of the home or structure they are placed in.


For those that treasure the vintage collections or have value for the objects of the past, lighting is no exception. Maybe a few lightbulbs may need to be replaced but in the end the main structure of the lighting is what really brings out the vibe when it comes to such homes. Those who have a taste for vintage lighting can use this to bring a nostalgic feel to their home or keep things interesting by setting up their home to be either a semi-vintage looking home or by keeping such lighting as a sign of class.



Not to be confused with vintage lighting, retro lighting takes on an approach to the not so old but classy look, mostly with modern twist. Basically its new lighting based on some of pasts most common lighting which gives a reminiscent feel for those who miss the old days where things were not so high tech but just right. 

Mixed Shapes

Usually when you are in a home you see lighting that is all the same and carefully placed, properly measured and all matching. Well for some people it’s different as they prefer a different approach. Instead of having common and matching lighting, the use of different shaped lighting together in different parts of a room or in one location has become a trend where it not only shows a geometric creativity but also looks less common and becomes more interesting to look at with the added bonus of giving off different lighting patterns or shapes.



Art is something most of us can’t avoid and with everyone different taste, there are different things that catch our eye and pique our interest. Certain lighting may come in either the most creative of designs or the most peculiar of set ups. Anything that is inspired by creativity such as lighting based on architecture, sculptures and many other forms of art that can be modified to fit lighting has become a trend for many artsy people.


One of the most common lightings that have ever existed, chandeliers remain some of the most popular due to the pure elegance and different designs they may have. The sheer beauty of the different popular designs can be chosen to complement any home or establishment which not only provide excellent lighting but set a romantic or sophisticated ambiance. They may be pricey at times but there is no doubt they can bring out a lot of life in even the simplest of rooms.

Low cost modern chandeliers have also become popular especially in apartment design, where in low ceiling environments they drop to almost floor height to act as both a ceiling light and pseudo lamp/table light.


Clean And Modern

Most simple homes prefer more of a clean or modern approach when it comes to lighting which simply is a light source covered by a simple shape with their design of choice if not just plain. This keeps a home simpler but sometimes is enough as they are used only to light up the whole area where they are placed. Not to be mistaken for boring or too simple of a design, these do come in different shapes and sizes and may have either minimal to very elegant design but not too much to be an object that takes too much attention off of the room.  



A very peculiar yet fun to look at type of design, architectural type of lighting comes in some of the most creative designs by having the formations and designs of different shapes and showing off the precision of the creators which usually relate to shapes matching, structures balancing out and lights coming in the form of what would seem to be puzzles or perfectly fitted pieces that have been slightly brought part.

We all have different tastes and sometimes we get interested in the tastes of others if our eyes catch glimpse of such creativity and beauty. A lot different lighting trends are out there and many of us are able to experience them by being in the places, seeing them on television or reading about them in magazines. These can inspire us and help us choose the right lighting that may bring out the best in our home or establishment and are great for setting the mood and may even be great for events.

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