If your a camping fan like we are then you know how precious having a bright light in the dark can be. Many camping lights can be big a bulky or if they are small they tend to not give off too much light.  Other lanterns you need fuel to keep going which means more to carry with you.  It's always such a pain to fins the right light for camping and even for inside. If the power goes out you end up fumbling around to find a light only to realize the batteries are dead and you have no clue where new ones are. Or better yet it's night and you need to add some oil to your car or check the fluids, now you can't find anything but a stupid shaker flashlight that is not usable while your trying to pour a liquid and is too dim to really see anything anyway.b2

Nokero has a solar light that will work in all situations it is really bright and makes the perfect light for camping, when the power goes out and auto emergency's. I was really impressed with the quality of the Nokero N233. First of all it holds a charge for 18 months!!! OMG that is over a year and that means it's sure to have juice when you need it. If you run the light on low it will last for 15 hours or 6 hours when fully charged that means plenty of light for when you need it most. When you need to charge the light just leave it outside in the sun for 6-8 hours and your good to go!! My security light out front does not have as good of a charge as this light does and it's outside in the South Florida Sun all day. The Nokero N233 is weatherproof and was tested to withstand rough conditions while still being compact enough to fit into your pocket.b2

At Nokero.com you can see all the amazing solar products available for puchase while taking part in a mission bigger than yourself. Every light purchase will give a light to a needy family helping their mission to combat the 1 million people killed each year from kerosene lamp fires Nokero = No Kerosene! With over 1.4 billion people unable to get electricity globally this is a huge step to make the world safer for all. I just love their slogan:

“Nokero is changing the world, one light at a time.”


Where could you use a solar light the most? Let use know below.

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