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Lights For Days

Are you thinking about doing a room makeover, and are looking for the perfect lighting, recently we found the perfect string lights, to add to the wall behind our bed to give us the touch of romantic lighting. Simple and easy to add them, and they look perfect.


What I love about these lights they do have an on and off switch, making it simple to be able to turn them off. Another great thing is they don't have a power plug, so no cords to use. Fully waterproof and will not overheat.

You can use these lights anywhere. outside or inside your going to have the best time deciding where you want to use them. from trees outside to furniture and walls inside the choice is yours. these lights are 66 ft long and come with 200 led lights, imagine what you can do with them.

When we set them up the beautiful glow was enough for us, not too bright and perfect to leave on all night. Use them on your holiday trees use them to decorate for weddings, parties use them around your pool for the perfect lighting. Make the darkest places nice and bright, these are the best lights on the market today, where else can you get 200 lights for a reasonable price.

They’re extremely simple and straightforward, which I definitely appreciate. They come with some very basic instructions but it’s highly intuitive to screw the string of lights onto the plug. The lights on the copper wire as so delicately pretty, like a string of stars.

The bendable quality of the wire is a lot of fun, and vastly increases the creative opportunities as well as the speed at which the lights can be applied to any decorative need. It's possible to drape these over nearly anything at a moment's notice with no tacks at all,

Perfect to make some beautiful lighting for any occasion, I'm definitely going to get some more so we can light the outside and make it look perfect We have a nice patio and would love to use some lights out there.

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