What woman doesn't love to receive pretty smelling soaps, with Valentines Day right around the corner who wouldn't love these beautiful smelling soaps. These are all handmade and make the best gifts. This gift set contains 4 different full size 5 oz soap bars. Each box will be a random assortment of soap by category.

We are a company dedicated to providing American-made,  environmentally friendly products that not only smell amazing, but are also good for your skin. All of our products are palm oil free, and most of our products are vegan. We source as many ingredients as possible from the US to help our local economy.

Whats really awesome about this company is that they are dedicated, to providing us with very friendly products that are good for us and smell amazing. All of their products are palm oil free and most are vegan free. They carry over 30 wonderfully scented soaps. From vegan to goats milk to greek yogurt. Having been able to get these great smelling Tiger Lily Soaps, we love them and this soap makes our skin feel so soft and moisturized, plus the scent lasts all day and night. They sell more than just soap,  BATH SALT GIFT SET, and  more choose the right gift for any lady. 

Unisex will have 4 bars randomly selected from the following:

Cool Fresh Aloe Soap, Black Soap, Lavender Patchouli Soap, Mountain Wind Soap, Rocky Shores Exfoliating Spa Bar, Spearmint Basil Soap, Cool Water Soap, Grapefruit Tea Tree Scrub Exfoliating Spa Bar, Oakmoss Lavender Soap, Eucalyptus Greek Yogurt Soap, Bay Rum Soap.

Floral will have 4 bars randomly selected from the following:

Plumeria Soap, Jasmine Lime Scrub Exfoliating Spa Bar, Lavender Soap, Honeysuckle Soap, Hydrangea Rose Goats Milk Soap, Tropical Garden Greek Yogurt Soap, Red Clover & Tea Soap.

Almost Good Enough to Eat will have 4 bars randomly selected from the following:

Cherry Almond Soap, Lemongrass Soap, Oatmeal Milk & Honey Soap, Black Raspberry Vanilla Soap, Cherry Pomegranate Soap , Cinnamon Pear Goats Milk Soap, Grapefruit Tangerine Soap, Blueberry Buckle Exfoliating Spa Bar, Mango Papaya Soap, Almond Coconut Soap, Mango Tango Scrub Exfoliating Spa Bar, Cucumber Lime Greek Yogurt Soap, Sweet Almond Greek Yogurt Soap, Peach Tea Scrub Exfoliating Spa Bar.

The picture is showing 2 Floral, 1 Unisex and 1 Almost Good Enough To Eat, but the scents won't actually cross categories. The picture is just to show a small sampling of options.

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