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Hello, Today I am reviewing a few different products from a Company named Lindo.
I have to start by talking about the barrett's I was sent. First off, my 6-year-old Katie was so excited to be getting beauty supplies! She started trying on the barrette's and figuring out the best placement, they are clipless and the micro-comb technology keeps the barrett's where you put them, I did not think they would work as well as they did, however two days after I received them we went to a place called Wild West City, my daughter who loves fashion sported a very fluffy blue skirt over her capris a matching shirt and a cowgirl hat of course her hair was up in a ponytail with the prettiest barrette with the most crystals stuck up over the ponytail. She was taking that cowgirl hat on and off her head all day and I swear, that barrette stayed all day just as we fixed it that morning and when she took it out at night it came off without pulling her hair! These barrette's  ‘ are truly awesome.



.They come in lots of different styles as well,they have crystal beaded and sequins that are sold in packs of 2, they have black or ivory lace and pearl packs for when you are dressed up nice and going out (or if you just want to feel fancy) they have velvet flowers and then a line geared for younger girls with bunnies, teddies, stars, fruit, butterflys and more! And don't forget, you can use these barrettes to keep loose hair up off your face as you are applying make-up, washing your face or reading without messing up your hairstyle!By far my new favorite item!!

Now I would like to talk about the Bracelet Hair Ties. How many times have you or the kids walked out of the house with a hair tie cutting off circulation to your fingertips? You never know when you will get tired of your hair flying in your face and you will want to throw it into a pony, no worries Lindo makes the SwirlyDo, it is a 100% waterproof hair tie that can be used on any hair texture, even if you have thin hair this hair tie will hold it in place and will not give you a headache or slip out nor will it leave a ponyline should you decide to put it back down. They come in all different colors and are very comfortable on your wrist or in your hair. Love this product too

And last but not least is the twist-n-roll tweezers that gently removes unwanted (because who does want that) hair on your upper lips, cheeks, chin, neck forehead and more. These tweezers worked very well, I hate to admit it but I have this little hair on my chin that keeps growing, I used the twist-n-roll and almost 2 weeks it is not back yet. Twist-n-roll is less painful than waxing and will not cause redness or breakouts. It is 100% natural and will not cause burns or pigmentation like hair removal creams or bleaching can do and it is easier, safer and more hygienic than the traditional threading technique. The twist-n-roll works on all kinds of hair and hair does not need to be fully grown in to tweeze it, plus results last 3 to 4 weeks after you use it.All you have to do is 3 easy steps to get satisfying results. Use a hot towel to open the pores and soften your skin, bend the twist-n-roll into an upside down u and place the spring against the section you are going to remove unwanted hair, and lastly turn the handles to roll the spring upward and facial hair will instantly be removed, simple as that and it did not hurt any worse than using tweezers that would take you so much longer to remove the hair.




These Twist-n-roll tweezers get an A+ rating from me and my 18-year-old used them also, actually I'm a mean Mom and I thought using it on my upper lip would really hurt so she volunteered to try it first! (No blame can be put on me…remember the epilady? Anyone, well my Mom had one and of course my sister and I just HAD to try it…Wow talk about pain…that scarred me for life!!) but Thanks to Miranda saying it wasn't bad I tried it out and she was right, it wasn't bad at all!

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