I'm so tired of normal boring hair ties and hate how they cut circulation off of my wrists. I had the opportunity to try Lindo's SwirlyDo hair ties ($5.99 for a pack of 5). They aren't your normal hair ties they are cute and fun, perfect for summer since they aren't your boring everyday hair ties. These hair ties don't stretch as much as regular hair ties but that helps them to not leave lines. It also doesn't fit around your wrist which is a drawback for me since I can never find them in my purse.

SwirliDo is a waterproof spiral ponytail holder that leaves no kinks in your hair. The “no kink” SwirliDo should result in kink-less hair. This was my expectation. You can order the SwirliDo online ; the cost is about 14 dollars for 5 ponytail holders, which claim “no pony lines! Holds hair tight! Comes off smoothly! Perfect for sports and workouts!”

Confidently, thus far, after one day, I’m a believer. What they should also mention is that unlike most if not all ponytail holders, the SwirlyDo doesn’t take several strands of your hair with it when it’s removed. This I love.What is so cool about the Swirly Do is the fact that there’s actually no ponytail line! Most of us with hair that needs to be tied into a pony tail or event pig tails, suffer the after effects of that strange and annoying kink in our hair that leaves us wanting to “style” our hair yet again! For me, I hate to have my hair in my face and thus I’m constantly tying it away from my face, but I also have to throughout the day undo my hair, brush out the kink and re-tie my hair.

I’m quite pleased with this product because I no longer have that crazy kink in my hair!

Even after showering and pulling my hair back with the SwirliDo be going to bed, and sleeping in all night, I still failed to see any kinks in my hair! I highly recommend this product for all hair types and If I get any giveaways, I’ll be sure to let you all know!

The package includes five ponytail holders, and they stretch to your hair’s thickness, but the good news is that they go back to their original shape! But don’t lose them; they are about $14, and there are only five in a pack and that’s about $2.25 per ponytail holder!

Check them out at  Lindo’s website

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