Shots are easily the most efficient way to get drunk, and why wouldn’t you want to enjoy yourself while you’re doing them? Liqs Cocktail Shots are the World’s First Ready-to-Drink Cocktail shots. No more mixing. No more having tons of bottles of alcohol just to make a tiny shot. No more fussing with overpriced bartender shots at the local bar. Just pure, tasty cocktail shots ready anytime you want them

Liqs brings together the essence of a fresh cocktail, and a ready to drink shot, what more can we ask for. The LIQS contain no artificial flavors or preservatives. For a strong shot that’s exactly what you want, all of the shots are between 45-55 proof – definitely much higher than many other “pre-mixed” shots out there.

The flavors are great and taste good they are as follows:

Tequila Cinnamon Orange – We enlisted the finest tequila connoisseurs to blend the subtle spice of cinnamon with fresh orange to create an irresistible balance of spicy and sweet. You’ll never look at a tequila shot the same way again


Vodka Lychee Grapefruit – The most fruit forward of our cocktail shots, we keep the flavors natural, not overly sweet. The citrus of grapefruit balances effortlessly with the sweetness of lychee

Vodka Cucumber Lime – By combining the cooling nature of cucumber with the citrus of lime, we’ve created an ideal mix to blend with our super premium vodka. The result? A light and refreshing cocktail shot perfect for any occasion.

Vodka Kamikaze originally made from vodka, triple sec and lime juice, the kamikaze has been a nightlife staple for years. We’ve infused ours with the finest citrus and a hint of natural vanilla that will surprise and energize your taste buds.

The one that I would try again is the Vodka Kamikaze it was so good and since I love that as a drink it was just fine for me . “The sophisticated drinker is no longer satisfied with low-grade spirits and artificial ingredients,” said Co-Founder Harley Bauer. “Our blend of premium spirits and natural flavors make enjoying expertly mixed shots convenient in any setting, from boating, pool or beach parties, home entertaining and catered affairs to music festivals and sporting events.”

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  1. Michele P says:

    thanks for the review, haven’t seen these before but I will be looking for them!

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