Tired of the same boring liquor? I love trying different alcoholic beverages. The more different the better, which is why I was so curious when I saw Cranberry Spice Moonshine.


Cranberry Spice Moonshine is great for anyone who is looking for something different. Especially in the autumn/winter months or holiday season, this is something different to try that is not the same old thing day in and day out. It is a nice change of pace once in a while. With the spices and cranberry taste, it is perfect as an after dinner drink or even with pie. It has a unique taste that you will not find in any other alcoholic beverage. It is very distinct and does leave a nice taste in your mouth. The spices are very evident in them and to me, it tastes like a bit of Christmas.

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Rebel Yell Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is extremely smooth going down. I drink it straight but it would pair well with tea as a Hot Toddy if you are feeling well or for those cold nights (although straight would do the trick too, it is very warming). I served this at a dinner party and people could not stop remarking at how smooth it was and wanted to know the name of it so they could purchase it. A few of them even liked it better than what they had been drinking normally and decided that they were going to switch. There is also no harsh burning down your throat which I have experienced with some other alcohol.


If you are serious about your alcohol, then you want to try Everclear. This is not for the faint of heart, however; you cannot drink it straight. You have to mix it with something. I found plenty of nice recipes on the Everclear website to help me in that area. It is a clear liquor but it is potent. It even comes with warning labels on the bottle. If you like strong liquor, this is for you. Just be sure not to drink it straight like you would with the other alcoholic beverages above. This is definitely a mixing liquor and nobody will be able to say they cannot taste the liquor in any of the drinks you serve!

Please remember to drink responsibly!

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